Crypto Mansion
2 min readJun 5, 2021

Crypto Mansion is Coming With New MEME Competition

Crypto Mansion is going to host meme competition along with AMA and prize pool comprising of $150 worth of USDT/Tokens.
The contest begins From (June 5th), so you will be given plenty of time for you to come up with creative and unique meme entries.

Let’s explain the general procedure first:
- any meme you make must feature the AMA Project in some sort of way (i.e. You can use their logo, name, etc.)

- We will provide all necessary information about project in our ama post.
- contest is Twitter-based but you are also required to Join Project and our community Telegram group
- Don’t use Same template for every Entry.

Here are some important links to our community
- Join to our Telegram group:
- Join to our Telegram Channel:
- Follow to our Twitter channel:
- You need to post some tags with your entry. This tag will be different for every ama and you will get it from the tweet.
- Every participants need to Add their Telegram username with entry

Winners will be determined by their Creativity. We will select some best entries and the AMA Guest will be selecting the 3 best meme entries.
Now that we talked about the competition guidelines, let’s turn our attention to rewards.
The three best contestants will be rewarded with $50 Each.

Note: The Reward pool may change with every ama, So please updated with our community. There may be Cancelling or postponing Of ama. In that case we will select the winners accordingly

So time to get creative 😉