Recap Session of Chronicle Ama held at Cryptomansion

HOST: Question 1. Can you give us a brief introduction to Chonicle? What protocols does your project involve and what is your role in it?

TIM GLOVER: Absolutely!

HOST: Question 2. Chonicle is based on Digital Collectables. Can you tell us about what types of collectibles your project has? Is it just digital art or do you plan to tokenize other assets?

TIM GLOVER: That’s right. So personally I used to collect a lot of physical trading cards in the 1990s as a kid. I had a lot of NBA basketball cards from the likes of Upper Deck and Topps, cricket cards from Futera, and movie cards from Jurassic Park.

HOST: Question 3. Chronicle is a digital market and research platform built entirely for fans. Do you have a program that allows for direct interaction between fans and Chronicle artists? What impact can these fanatics have on your NFTs?

TIM GLOVER: Right! So in case anyone isn’t quite aware, the acquisition of a license from a major brand or film studio is actually quite special. There are a lot of brand guidelines that must be adhered to, and so our internal Chronicle Studio would be working with the brand owners to create digital assets that they are happy for us to publish.

HOST: Question 4. $XNL is your native token and it is related to a rewards program. Can you tell us about this program you have developed for Chronicle users and holders? How will the community benefit from this?

TIM GLOVER: A great question!

HOST: Question 5. Finally, what are Chronicle’s plans for this year? Do you have a roadmap that you can share with us?

TIM GLOVER: Sure, happy to elaborate what we’re looking to get done in 2021, as well as highlight what has been done already.

Q1:Regarding the premium access to limited edition collectibles that you talk about on your website, what will be the conditions to qualify for this access? Will there be a special membership fee or a minimum amount of $XNL tokens?

TIM GLOVER: We’re still working on the business rules of what this will look like, however it can be safely assumed that we would like to split the purchasing of digital collectibles from the Chronicle Store into two main categories:

Q2: I saw that Chronicle will have “Chronicle Medals”, could you give us more information about this medals? And, as far as I know, medals always have different categories, so, will they, indeed, have categories? What is their main function and how can people get them?

TIM GLOVER: That’s right. Chronicle Medals are native NFTs within Chronicle which are used to certify users for their constant support and contribution to the Chronicle ecosystem. They are effectively “NFT’d user privileges”!

Q3: Chronicle’s marketplace is based on authenticated digital collectibles licensed directly from the world’s leading brands. Which brands are part of your project and will tokenize their products on NFT? What is the authentication process that will make your NFTs unique?

TIM GLOVER: That’s right, we’re looking to partner with beloved brands from across the globe. We are in a number of discussions at the moment with world renowned IPs, and whilst I would love to reveal who those are, at the moment we can’t.

Q4: $XNL is a utility token designed to offer a rewards and incentives, so according to it, XNL is a utility and also a reward token, what are the uses it currently has and that would give it long term value as a reward?

TIM GLOVER: I think we did partially answer this question in our first segment. The user is correct that XNL is both a reward and utility token.

Q5: What are your global expansion plans? Which market are you focusing on right now, or are you focused on building and growing to acquire customers, users and partners?

TIM GLOVER: Aha, well here is a difference about Chronicle than MOST of the other NFT projects out there …

Q1: I read that one feature on Chronicle is something called “Premium Auction”. Can you tell us more about it? What are the requirements for users to be part of this auctions and what are the benefits of doing so? Also, will Chronicle have other Premium features? $XNL

TIM GLOVER: Sure, happy to talk about this.

Q2: I saw that Chronicle is doing an event right now called “Chronicle Awards” which is currently on it’s 3rd round. Could you share more about this event with us? What is it’s main purpose and what are the benefits of it? How can users participate? How many round will there be? $XNL

TIM GLOVER: That’s right! Because we were oversubscribed in our Seed and Private Sale Rounds we wanted the community to have a chance to get into some XNL allocation on the same terms as Private Sale participants.

Q3:Can you explain the Tokenomics of your project $XNL

TIM GLOVER: Sure, the Tokenomics have been split across Sold Tokens (Seed, Private, Public), Licensing & Partnerships, Team, Advisors, Community, and Foundation Reserve. Full details in the diagram below …

Q4: Considering the rate OF SCAM and RUGPULL, IS this project safe Is the smart contract AUDITED are we free form market problems. ? $XNL

TIM GLOVER: Absolutely, security is paramount to Chronicle and as you can imagine as we look to onboard premium IP partners this makes security even more important.

Q5:What is your motive behind the creation of this project $XNL

TIM GLOVER: Great question. To put it simply, we genuinely want to create a kick-ass platform that is built for fans.



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