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8 min readMay 24, 2021

Held on 24 May 2021–1PM UTC

Held at our telegram channel — CryptoMansion (

Hello All, We have recently hosted a ama session with Doggyswap. The Doggyswap team was attended for the ama session. They shared a lot about the project in Details and many information about their project. Read out more about the project.


Host: Hello dear Crypto Mansion community! We are pleased to hold our honorable AMA with the DoggySwap team today.

Welcome Mr. @Leetan008

Lee Tan: Hi Everyone 👋

Segment 1 : The chat will be muted & the team will introduce themselves then we will ask some introduction questions about DoggySwap PROJECT.

Host: Question1- Can you give us a brief introduction about your project? What protocols have you developed and what is your role within it?

Lee Tan: Thank you for your question. But first of all, Let me introduce myself. I’m Lee Tan, you can call me Lee and I’m Global Marketing for Doggyswap. The projects that we build and run are on DeFi platforms, such as AMM, Staking, yield farming, NFT market and some innovations that we are developing to be applied to Doggy Swap in the future. We offer the concept of practicality All in One in one place only, you can do exchanges, staking, yield farming with results that do not disappoint and others simply in Doggy Swap.

Host: Question 2. On your website you advertise that you have a marketplace for NFTs. Can you tell us more about this? Who are the artists that are part of this marketplace and how can users access these NFTs?

Lee Tan: Yes, we will have the NFT market, because we predict NFT will be one of the trends in this year. We are just starting out so we open the widest opportunities for artists, or those who are new to NFT, to appreciate their work such as making, selling or buying in a very easy but powerful way, we are sure the NFT market will be crowded, because of the concept of practicality that we have all in one place, our users are the main object as the driver.

Host: Awesome answer Mr. Lee, The Next one

Question 3. Just yesterday they have started their live pre-sale with Bounce Finance. Can you tell us about this important step? Why did you choose Bounce Finance and how users can participate in this presale?

Lee Tan: We do a pre-sale and choose a bounce finance because we think it is very simple and safe to do it there, Dogs ( our token name / coin) will be sent automatically a few seconds to your wallet after you make a purchase there, this step is important because we want to give a great initial opportunity to our community in particular. Before it’s too late to take the first step.

To participate you can go directly to the :

Or join our community for a complete guide,

The good news is we started doing this pre-sale last week, and the bad news is the presale will be over in a few hours, so make sure you’re interested in doggyswap to fill your bags immediately on this pre-sale.

Host: Question 4. I read that they will soon be listed on some CEX. Which will be the main exchanges that will work together with DoggySwap? Do you plan to list on some DEX in the future?

Lee Tan: Actually there are already some CEX that offer us for listings, we haven’t wanted to rush. for the first step we will start it in pancakeswap or maybe also bakery swap. after a strong foundation and we have a fairly satisfactory holder. You will find doggy swap listings on some DEX, so please follow our news for updates.

Host: And final question of this segment is:

Question 5. Finally, can you tell us about DoggySwap’s plans for 2021? What are the next goals to be achieved to fully develop your project and perfect your protocols?

Lee Tan: There are some of our plans this year,and we will achieve them gradually, among them and some are already running, we will form a local community doggyswap , so for those who do not speak English, can understand the products we offer quickly and precisely through their own language, we will also cooperate with some dev coins / tokens that are already listied in some CEX , and all of that will run while we refine the innovations that we will apply to doggyswap which is currently under testing by our development team, before it is opened to the Public.

Host: Thank you for answering all of our introductory questions! Great stuff comes with DoggySwap. We are excited to learn more.


Q1: Doggy Swap Has its presale live right now on Bounce Finance, could you give us more information about it? How can we join it? Until when will it be live? what is the minimum amount we can invest in?

Lee Tan: For further information you can see it here :

You can follow the clear instructions ,
and the good news is that the presale will end in 5 hours , so let’s don’t miss it.

Q2: Has Doggyswap planned any tiktok or YouTube promotions for the project? How did your team plan to reach the wider crypto community?

Lee Tan: Doggyswap has been reviewed by several YouTubers from Russia and other countries. And for now, we have collaborated with several crypto influencers from various countries to introduce our coins. And of course we will also introduce it through tiktok influencers, and the good news is we will hold a doggyswap tiktok competition which will give money prizes for the winners. By doing a lot of promotions like this, we are sure Doggyswap will quickly be widely recognized by crypto enthusiasts in the world.

Q3: DoggySwap claims to be the all-in-one DeFi platform that provides both AMM and NFT Marketplace solutions in one place. Can you tell us more about it? What solutions will Doggy Swap offer to it’s users that other platforms aren’t capable of?

Lee Tan: This question I actually mentioned in the moderator’s initial question, but I’ll repeat it and add it a little bit. The solution that we offer there is practically all you can do in 1 place that is in doggyswap, and we understand there are competitors who first jumped on AMM and have a strong user.
We don’t avoid competition, but competition is what makes us look good.
Need to underline if we can’t lead the market like AMM, we’ll be different, and if we can’t be different, we’ll be the most unique.

Q4: I have seen that many platforms have been related to names of foods and animals, Doggy Swap is a clear example of this trend…. Why did your team adopt this name and how do your services relate to dogs?

Lee Tan: Thanks for your Great Question.
We adopted this name in addition to being trendy, but because it is in line with our mission to feed stray dogs on the streets. We will work with dog lovers in several countries to contribute to our goals by providing information about places where stray dogs are full. And participate in providing food for dogs.

Q5: We know that there is a risk in platforms with YOUNG and UNPROVEN tokens to loose their value leading the entire ecosystem to crash so what are the steps you taking for marketing?

Lee Tan: Very Interesting Question.

For tokens / coins that are relatively young, of course many people will think of moving forward on it compared to tokens / coins that have an established foundation. So before you buy a healthy one and do your research first, because you need to know that there are also many young or new tokens that are able to have market content. Our marketing step is a strong and loyal community, the concept of practicality that we offer and the solutions or solutions we provide.

It is necessary to know new tokens / coins that can solve future problems with people who know them, so you will know the exact price according to their use
And one more thing, which one do you choose a stable price coin / token with an undeveloped function, or a new coin / token that can solve problems with its innovation with an undervalued price? And that is my answer too.


Q1: During the development of DoggySwap, did you consider community feedback or requests to further expand on new ideas for the project?

Lee Tan: We really appreciate community advice, because we believe without community we are nothing. for those of you who want to provide suggestions and ideas you can send via email and join our community at @doggyswap telegram. our admin is ready to help and listen to your ideas.

Q2: Token burn is important for investors. Do you have any plan burn or buy pack?

Lee Tan: Of course we will do that we will burn a lot and we are already planning something big this week, because in 5 hours the presale will end, so don’t you miss this moment, let’s join our community.

Q3: Are you attracting only people from the cryptocurrency field to your project? Who is your target audience and how many users do you already have?

Lee Tan: This project is open to everyone, to anyone. We provide early opportunities and opportunities for anyone interested and interested in becoming part of the history of Doggy swap.

But for now we are targeting promotions to people who already understand the crypto world to join in raising Doggyswap, after many of them have become our holders, we believe word of mouth marketing is extraordinary, that way we will develop promotions to all circles.

Q4: Are all transactions with you secure? how can the investor be sure?

Lee Tan: Thanks for your Great Question..
From the begining Doggyswap is very concern about the Security System. Doggyswap is already cooperation with IT Company from Singapore. Because as We know Singapore had a much Best security system, also for Crypto.. We choose best of the Best IT Company for Doggyswap..
And I can guarantee it will work for Doggyswap and we Will always improve for our best.

Q5: Among
1)Partners 2)community 3) token value

Which do you think should the top priority here ?

Lee Tan: Partners and community is our priority. Without our community it’s nothing, and partners will help us to continue to develop the project so that many crypto users in the world know us.

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