Recap session of Xend Finance Ama held at Cryptomansion

Introduction Questions by Cryptomansion Team

Question 1- could you Briefly Describe yourself to the community?

  1. User Rewards
  2. Fee Based Burns
  3. Governance
  4. Staking

Quesions From Twitter

Question 1) XendFinance just offer the minimum of 15% of APY to their user and investors..Does this 15% remain the same or its subject to change in the future?And how come you just offer the minimum percentage for your user,,any reason?

Questions From Live Telegram Session

Question 1) Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project / company. What is the way to generate profit / revenue of token? What is the income model?

For more Information about Xend Finance, Follow the given links

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